Pastor (Staff)

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I grew up in Ivey, GA, the youngest of 3 kids with very loving parents. One of the ways they served us well was by making sure we were in Church on a regular basis. Even though Church has always been a major part of my life, it sadly became another “thing” that I did in order to grow in my self-righteousness.

One evening, when I was 14, I became overwhelmed by my sin, and I knew I needed to be saved. I was eager to be baptized the next morning because I was convinced at that time that this was how sinners are saved. I noticed this all helped me “feel” great, but the truth was this all became another way I grew in my self-righteousness. I was simply appearing to be “good” on the outside, but my heart remained unchanged.

All of this would change, by God’s grace, when I was a freshman in college. Being wrongly convinced I was already a Christian, I committed to watching a series of evangelism DVDs for the purpose of critiquing them. Through their message, I finally understood that my sin was a problem when it comes to being judged by a God who is infinitely just and holy. I knew then that no amount of water could solve this problem for me. Thankfully, the videos continually emphasized that Christ alone is our only hope for reconciliation with God.

It became clear to me that night that Christ not only died to take away my sin, but He also lived in order to give me the righteousness I lacked. I also learned that His resurrection was even more proof that all of His claims were true. God used this to convince me that Christ alone is the reason that I can be declared righteous, and that evening, for the first time, I placed all of my trust for righteousness in Him.

A few years later, I was approached by a local pastor who sought to disciple me. This relationship led to a youth intern position that I served in for nearly 3 years. After college, I attended The Master’s Seminary for more training in ministry. During my time there, I met and married my lovely wife, Danae. Since then, the Lord has graciously given us 4 children: Haddon, Owen, Knox, and Kendall. Upon seminary graduation in 2014, we moved to McPherson in order to be a part of Cornerstone Bible Church.

Since then, it has been an incredible blessing to not only be a member at Cornerstone but also to be entrusted by them to serve as one of their pastors. The people that make up this Church have been used by God to help Danae and me grow in our relationship with each other and the Lord, and we love the fact that our kids our being raised in a group that knows Jesus is more valuable than anything else in creation. My prayer is that the Lord would use our efforts in ministry to display His unmatched glory.